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  • Dance4Life

    Wee Mee Maker

    December 5, 2012 by Dance4Life

    So I got this app and you can make cool avatars.  I decided to make this a genorator.  So you comment your: Hair color, eye color, gender, favorite color, shirt ( I cant put logos sorry), Pants (jeans sweatpants etc.)

    Here are a few examples:


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  • Dance4Life

    Christmas Names

    November 11, 2012 by Dance4Life

    I know its one month till' christmas but i just had a good idea

    Okay so most of you know that Jon does scary names right? Well i got an idea of doing Christmas names

    Just think of names that are similar to yours that have to do with christmas.


    2. Holy Night 


    4. Christmas1196

    5. Jinglejathanfan


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  • Dance4Life

    Gif Reaction Game 1

    August 30, 2012 by Dance4Life

    Hey Guys its Lovah this is called gif reaction

    here's how you play,

    some one comments like for ex.

    iCarly is not ending

    you would reply a gif such as

    No cursing or Ship warring gifs

    have fun :D

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  • Dance4Life

    My Life

    July 25, 2012 by Dance4Life

    Okay so I saw like many people do this *cough* cherry *cough* and I decided to do one!

    Some of this is not really that sad


    Here we go

    This story was to boring to start when I was like 5 so I started it at when I was 8.

    When I was 8 I lived in South Jersey (i am not from Jersey shore) I was the nicest person in school.

    I had alot of friends

    I got good grades

    till' I went to the 4th grade and mai friends started to bully my other friends

    I did not know what I should do


    one day I just broke up the fight

    but I lost like 5 friends

    now i was down to 6

    then a month later (I was 10 by this point)

    My Mom dicied to move to New York

    I told "No, I hate Cities"

    she repied "then we will move to the Neighborhood part"

    I was like:

    then I glumly went "Fine"

    I sadly pack…

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  • Dance4Life

    Okay guys it is Seddielover45 and My name is now Dance4Life

    reason: I want to go on to other wikis other than iCarly and mai old name was only for one wiki so i have decied to change it.

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