Okay so I saw like many people do this *cough* cherry *cough* and I decided to do one!

Some of this is not really that sad


Here we go

This story was to boring to start when I was like 5 so I started it at when I was 8.

When I was 8 I lived in South Jersey (i am not from Jersey shore) I was the nicest person in school.

I had alot of friends

I got good grades

till' I went to the 4th grade and mai friends started to bully my other friends

I did not know what I should do


one day I just broke up the fight

but I lost like 5 friends

now i was down to 6

then a month later (I was 10 by this point)

My Mom dicied to move to New York

I told "No, I hate Cities"

she repied "then we will move to the Neighborhood part"

I was like:


then I glumly went "Fine"

I sadly packed

and I said one last Good bye to my school and friends

Then I took a sad air plane ride

I tried to make friends on the plane

but they all told me that they were going to the city

Lukily it was like an hour plane ride

We went to our new house and our mouths droped open (our meaning: my mom and dad me my sister and my 2 bros)

There was a HUGE play ground

nice next door neighbors

a POOL with a water fall

my next door neighbor was 9!! and she also had a pool

someone who lives behind me ended up being mai best friend

what could go wrong! :D

School went wrong (by now I was 11)

It was 5th grade a year later

the girls got nastier

But I still had my 2 best friends (i will not give out their names)

and I made 5 news ones at school

but the fight thing happened again

my friends were fighing with my other friends

I stopped it

I did not lose any

I solved so many problems that day

I came home exhusted

because I also had a Reading test

but when i was on the bus I got a Text from my mom saying We have a surprise

The surprise was 2 DOGGIESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


one was 2 the other was 6 monthss


A month later it was summer

and I had such a fun summer

I was 12

and in August I joined Wikia

and I met this guy in Comunity Central

You guys know him


He was...


but He said something about visting some place he said NY

and I surprigly asked

"what part"

He went Neighbor hood part

I was like O___O

"okay".... I replied

Soon I figured out he was moving NEXT DOOR

the other house next door

and I was just like O___O again

Soon he became my friend

I became 13

I got another Puppy a wittle Pitbull



thats my life

~lovah out

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