Yesturday my dogs Romeo, Max and Kemba (who is Pitbulll amd the other dogs are tiny) had a big fight.

It started because Romeo and Kemba thought there was a ball under the blanket (which there wasn't) So they both tried to get it. Kemba then bit romeo and they started fighting. Luckily My dad was able to grab Romeo, but it was too late...Romeo had a Huge cut (but he didn't die). Then Kemba Bolted for Max and they got in a big fight My dad couldn't get Kemba off of Max, he kicked Kemba 3 times in the ribs. Soon he manged to get Max who is now Bleeding aswell as Romeo.

Now I am sure you are wondering Why are you sad?

I am sad because Kemba is now going to a good home with people who love him but I will never see him again :(

I am sad also because I have 2 dogs bleeding.

I hope this never happens to your dog ;).



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