• Darkgazer195

    New guy, new question

    November 20, 2010 by Darkgazer195

    Hey people, new member of the Wiki in the hauz! I'm also new with this whole Wiki thing, but I'll experiment and see what good deed I can do here....

    And now, to the point.

    Do you think iCarly is losing it's... touch the more episode it airs? Getting worse? Or something?

    My answer, and I can't believe I'm saying this, is yes.....

    (I'm talking about the comedy here, okay? Not the ships.)

    Season 4 got me a little disappointed at the episodes . Funny, since after iBTH aired, I was too psyched up for this season cause I thought it would be 4x more funnier that the last eps.

    Guess I was wrong....

    I'm not saying this season was horrible or unfunny (is that even a word?). Sure, I get laughs here and there (iGP definitely gets my vote for the best ep.) but…

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