You might be asking to yourself why in the bloody heck I've chosen to write the name I did for this post. So I am going to start a series where I talk about stuff going on in my life while you guys can tell us what's happening in comments below. So with out further ado here go's the ranting.

Relationships: So I've ended up in a little relationship pickle. I like this girl. Here's the predicament. She has a boyfriend. We flirt all the time and I think we both have taken a likening to each other but I guess the story will end like titanic. Doomed to death.

Depression: It strikes at bad times. It struck me a few days ago and I have still been somewhat depressed. My family often finds me burying my head in work or burying my sorrows in video games/TV/computer/YouTube/Movies. It struck me pretty bad today but I was able to get over it after a little bit. The point o this is...enjoy life.

TV: Okay well not much for here but I thought I would let you know that I may become higher-profile in the months to come. That's all I am going to say.

Jumping Ship: I have already announced this but decided to clarify. I am jumping ship from this wiki on January 1st 2013 but I may come back occasionly. I will miss everyone on the wiki.

Well I hope you like this somewhat depressing rant. Don't worry the next episode will be better and less depressing. I am leaving you with a Question: Will you jump ship? When will you do it.

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