I wrote this essay for school and it's a formal essay meaning no contractions or you/I/me/we. We were supposed to write an essay on someone's style that we admire. I chalenged myself to come up with reasons for someone that sucks and why we should we admire there syle. Here's what i got.

  • Warning: Rebecca Black Ahead*

Rebecca Black is amazing. Yet she gets no recognition for her amazing personality. Many people just make fun of her and say that she should jump off a cliff. Few people actually respect her and her talents. Those people will finally learn why they should respect Rebecca Black too.

One reason to like Rebecca Black is her singing talent. Rebecca does not use any voice modification software on her albums. Her lyrics actually mean something and are not just some random words thrown together with a catchy beat to make it sound good. Rebecca also sounds amazing live. Rebecca is an amazing singer and does not make people want to rip off their ears, stab them with a fork, and then throw them in paper shredder. Rebecca does not sound like a dyeing cat.

Another reason to like Rebecca Black is her fashion sense. Rebecca is an amazingly beautiful girl who really has a passion for fashion. Her style is defiantly one-of-a-kind and will never be comparable to any other fashion style. Rebecca’s style is so advanced that it makes even supermodels look ugly. Rebecca also has fantastic hair which is in no way comparable to a man’s chest hair. People who say she’s ugly are just jealous that she doesn’t look or smell like a mule’s rear-end.

The last reason to like Rebecca Black is her personality. She is a very thoughtful girl and does not have a shallow smug attitude. She is very talkative and is probably the most popular at her school. Nobody at her school can hate her. Whether hater or fan she loves them all the same. Rebecca Black is not smug at all and cares about everyone. Fame has not gotten the best of Rebecca Black.

Those were the reasons that the many should like Rebecca Black and why they should lighten up on her. Rebecca Black is an extremely underrated singer and deserves more respect from others. This essay hopefully lightened the many views on Rebecca Black. Without Rebecca Black music would be dead. Thanks to Rebecca music is as great as it’s ever been.

Well there you go :)

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