Okay so 2 major things happened this week durin the upfront's:

1. Nick announced that this will be the final season for iCarly. Finale is set to air November 2012. Also many speculate this is because of bad ratings but it is actually caused by the cast being too old and the fact that danwarp is producing a new Nick show.

2. [adult swim](subsidary of Cartoon Network) Annouces the return of Toonami a anime programming block that was canceled in 2008. Adult Swim has stated that they will air this block ever saturday night from 12:00 am to 6:00 am EST. The new block is set to premiere 5.26.2012.

Also Notable:

Don't End iCarly and #ToonamiIsBackB!&*$ES was trending worldwide.

Disney still sucks

Supah Ninjas Get's a 2nd season

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