• Datonagirl

    Hey Everyone! Like many of you, I am so excited for iOMG. Well anyway, I really want these next two weeks to not take forever, and I'm guessing so do you! So, without further ado, here are some random tips I use when I want to make time go by faster! I know this blog is kinda silly, but hey, why not!


    1) Do something different everyday. Whether it be changing up your lunch everyday of the week or trying out a new hairstyle everyday. Try things you don't do very often. This is a fun way to focus your energy away from the upcoming event.

    2) Keep yourself busy: Make crafts, read, watch t.v. study, do homeword, take your dog for a walk. Anything that will keep you preoccupied. WARNING: I know the hype for iOMG might get people so distracted …

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  • Datonagirl

    Okay, I wouldn't be surprised if this blog has been done before, but heck, why not another one! Obviously we all love iCarly, but theres other shows that I know we all love. So.......what are they! And why?

    I think my all time favorite Nick show that (sorry to admit this) even surpasses iCarly and like, everyone other show known to mankind, is Avatar The Last Airbender. OMG....I was SO obsessed with that show it's not even funny. I was such an Avatard! I wrote tons of fanfiction and was a die hard Kataang shipper. It was my life for a while....and I still love that show!

    But...then I just had to see The Last Airbender Movie after a year of waiting for it, to be ever so dissapointed. like seriously, worst movie ever. Then after that I stopped…

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  • Datonagirl

    Hi peoples! This is my first blog! Enjoy! Anyway....Recently my high school had it's Junior Prom. Seeing people in their gorgeous gowns made me think about how great it would be if there was a prom episode of iCarly. Well, until that day....I was thinking how I would make the iCaly prom! What would people wear? Who would date who? How would they wear their hair? So this is what I would do. What would you guys do?


    Date: I woud have her go with Gibby! Not only because I like seddie bt I just think they would be adorable together...and she was going to ask him the that girl's choice dance. Well this time I want her to want to ask him out.

    Dress: I think that the color would look beautiful with her pale skin and hair. Plus this would work w…

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