Okay, I wouldn't be surprised if this blog has been done before, but heck, why not another one! Obviously we all love iCarly, but theres other shows that I know we all love. So.......what are they! And why?

I think my all time favorite Nick show that (sorry to admit this) even surpasses iCarly and like, everyone other show known to mankind, is Avatar The Last Airbender. OMG....I was SO obsessed with that show it's not even funny. I was such an Avatard! I wrote tons of fanfiction and was a die hard Kataang shipper. It was my life for a while....and I still love that show!

But...then I just had to see The Last Airbender Movie after a year of waiting for it, to be ever so dissapointed. like seriously, worst movie ever. Then after that I stopped obsessing so much. But I still love the original series.

AND OF COURSE! A SPINOFF IS COMING! THE LAST AIRBENDER: LEGEND OF KORRA 2012! Omg, do you guys all know about this! i'm so excited, even though I have to wait another year. It's set 70 years after the war, and it follows the new avatar Korra, a southern water tribe waterbender. Anyway, too much deatail to go into, but it's confirmed that Katara and Aang have an airbending Son, Tenzin. I'm so excited. Anyway, that was my favorite show rant, thanks for reading. What's your guy's favorite show?

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