Hey Everyone! Like many of you, I am so excited for iOMG. Well anyway, I really want these next two weeks to not take forever, and I'm guessing so do you! So, without further ado, here are some random tips I use when I want to make time go by faster! I know this blog is kinda silly, but hey, why not!


1) Do something different everyday. Whether it be changing up your lunch everyday of the week or trying out a new hairstyle everyday. Try things you don't do very often. This is a fun way to focus your energy away from the upcoming event.

2) Keep yourself busy: Make crafts, read, watch t.v. study, do homeword, take your dog for a walk. Anything that will keep you preoccupied. WARNING: I know the hype for iOMG might get people so distracted that they don't do homework, but make sure you do it! Duh!

3) Talk to people a LOT!: have fun with your friends and find exciting things within the little things. Laugh! Party! Dance! Just go crazy! Be distracted from iCarly!

4) Try not to think about the episode. It will just remind you how much time you have to wait.

5) Do something totally exciting: maybe even something more exciting then iOMG if you can. This will make you excited for something else and then you'll be like "OH! iOMG is on tonight" when the time comes. IDK what exciting things you could do, ice skating, getting your nose pierced, volunteering, making money. OK not all those things are exciting but be creative!

6) I find this tip the most helpful: Find another event that you are really looking forward to that's a few weeks after iOMG. Focus your excitment on this instead of iCarly, and then it will make iOMG seem that much closer!

Alright i know this bloog was kinda pointless but maybe they helped someone. If you find any of these tips helpful or have any other tips, please feel free to share! COMMENT!


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