Okay, I'm always in the hunt for good music to listen to (and I'm sure you all are too) so feel free to post songs from various bands/genres that you like! Maybe asterisk any songs that may have vulgar language/strong subject matter for our younger contributors...

  1. Nirvana - Lounge Act* (Up there as an all-time favorite song, period)
  2. The Offspring - Come Out and Play* (Catchy as heck despite the rough subject matter)
  3. Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles (Punk at its political best. Worth noting the subject is now Gov of California despite this song coming out in the early 1980's)
  4. Vanessa Carlton - Paradise (Sweet, piano laced song)
  5. Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name (Discovered this when revisiting 90's music videos. LOVE this)
  6. Sarah McLachlan - Possession Piano Version (Hidden track but much more haunting IMO as opposed to upbeat and bouncy like the well known version)
  7. Alanis Morissette - Perfect (Pretty much a song any kid/teen can relate to at some point)
  8. Veruca Salt - Shutterbug* (Another discovered in my 90's music video hunt. Fun bit of storytelling)
  9. The Cranberries - This Is the Day (As usual my 90's love/female vocalist love slams together for this song. Another "romancey" type song with a rock bent)
  10. Nirvana - Son of a Gun (A cover song. About as bouncy a song as I've ever heard. Makes me wanna dance everytime I hear it)
  11. Fiona Apple - To Your Love and Fast As You Can (Two songs for the price of one. Reminiscent of Alanis Morissette in style and these have a faster rock tempo to them)
  12. Within Temptation - Deceiver of Fools (Gothic Symphonic Rock fun. Has a bit of a WW2/Hitler story vibe for me)
  13. Kidneythieves - Spank KMFDM Version* (I like this harder rock background as opposed to the bouncier, dance club vibe on the disc version)
  14. Abra Moore - Trip On Love (I once made a YT music video to this before I had to take it down... if any song ever summarized The Joker/Harley Quinn relationship, it would be this one. Very Harley-ish vibe in that it's very playful despite the subject)
  15. Screaming Trees - Ivy* (A current favorite that I constantly listen to. Early Grunge psychadelic rock)

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