I figure this question has probably been asked/mentioned/mulled over but it just popped into my head and well, spur of the moment and all that jazz.

We've seen in a past episode that Spencer is able to sell his sculptures for monetary gain and presumably is able to finance his (and Carly's) life in that regard. So here's my question that has just suddenly evolved into multi-parters... feel free to comment with answers/ideas!

  1. How often does Spencer sculpt? Can he make a sculpture on request in a period of hours/days/weeks? I know we've seen some evidence of this but am curious how hard he actually works over say a month long period.
  2. Does Spencer sell unrequested sculptures? If so, does he have a clientele base? Is Socko his manager who has his own list of clients and auctions Spencer's sculptures off? (Whoa... now that's a neat idea!)
  3. Does Spencer get paid in advance if he's commissioned to make a sculpture (e.g. the butter logo one)? Or is it a scenario where upon completion and delivery, Spencer gets paid?

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