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  • Ddthegirl94

    Dear Danwarp

    December 17, 2011 by Ddthegirl94

    Dear Dan Schneider,

    Believe me when I say that I am one of your biggest fans,in fact you are probably my favorite kid's writer of all time and love the fact that you never underestimate the intelligence of your audience.

    I'm at the end of my rope I am sick and tired of turning on one of your programs and watching your treatment of people with disabilities. for many years I have watched your shows and in the best case scenario a disabled actor or character would get a bit part that's generally not the case however Either your handicapped characters are unlikable or portrayed as something to laugh at/odd or weird,and while this is not unusual by entertainment industry standards

    1) your shows do it very often

    2)you have a very young audience wit…

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  • Ddthegirl94

    greetings,my friends I come in peace and with an open mind so while I'm here to share my opinions on Creddie and other icarly related doodads you're more than welcome to refute those points because I never share my opinion unless it's solid as a rock but that opinion is formed upon extensive research and thought no matter what the subject so if you have a different basis, proof,perspective research, or thought I'm always open

    I honestly think that Carly is one screwed up chick and that's a compliment

    we should all agree on a few points

    number one that Sam is a psychological wreck

    number two that Freddie is a psychological wreck

    but there is a start point that I don't think any of you are going to agree with me on iCarly is a very special kids s…

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  • Ddthegirl94

    I am a crusader

    November 8, 2011 by Ddthegirl94

    People with disabilities are people too we have the same thoughts and feelings as everybody else. We may get around a little differently, talk funny, or even look funny.

    the point of this blog is draw attention to something that most people don't even recognize exists disability prejudice. not only does handicapped prejudice existsit is the worst prejudice in our society at this moment people take one look at me and assume I am incapable of everything, they act like I don't matter like I'm not I can go and apply for a job that I am completely capable of doing, and not get it because they don't want to bother, that they don't even ask what my actual capabilities are,or even worse thoughts

    I am incapable of less than 1% of physical tasks my bigg…

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  • Ddthegirl94

    2 truths and a lie game

    November 5, 2011 by Ddthegirl94

    we all know how this game goes

    you say three things about yourself and one of them is a lie and we try to guess which one is a lie

    1.I'm allergic to tinsel eyes are blue

    3. my dad is dead

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  • Ddthegirl94

    everyone has pet peeves, especially when you're a super fan of something so when it comes to iCarly what are your pet peeves?

    I hate it when people make seddie videos and use melody as Sam

    I hate it when people want a ship to happen so badly even if it destroys the integrity of the characters that they ship(i.e. Ferddie cheating on Sam with Carly)

    I hate it when people dislike another character just because that character interferes with their ship.

    I hate it when people blindly bash characters

    I hate it when people bash cam shippers because it's a gay ship

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