People with disabilities are people too we have the same thoughts and feelings as everybody else. We may get around a little differently, talk funny, or even look funny.

the point of this blog is draw attention to something that most people don't even recognize exists disability prejudice. not only does handicapped prejudice existsit is the worst prejudice in our society at this moment people take one look at me and assume I am incapable of everything, they act like I don't matter like I'm not I can go and apply for a job that I am completely capable of doing, and not get it because they don't want to bother, that they don't even ask what my actual capabilities are,or even worse thoughts

I am incapable of less than 1% of physical tasks my biggest disadvantage is the way society treats me now I'm not super entitled human being what do I really out of life?it's simple really

I want what everyone else has I want to settle down and have a family with somebody I love.I want to be able to get every job I qualified for. I want be able to go to an antiques store without having to fight to get in the door. I want people to stop assuming and start asking questions. I want to be able to see someone with a real disability on TV I want society to accept me as I am without trying to fix me because I'm not broken and just different.

And I think one of the most important parts of this right now would be the knowledgemeant of those outside the disabled community of prejudices that we face( hate crimes, job discrimination, housing discrimination etc. etc.)

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