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    Ok, so I posted a comment on the iOpen a Restuarant page last night and this is an extended/slight revision of that post. I read through it a few times and realized that it was "lacking" a bit and there were some things I wanted to touch up on. This will be an in-depth examination of the shipping issue and how it's completely lost control. By the way, for those of you who have already seen the comment, I apologize for being a bit repititious.

    Creddie vs. Seddie?...this seems to be the central arguement. In the world of iCarly fandom, the various pairings of characters have been engaged in an all out war by the people who desire them most. First on our list, Creddie(Carly and Freddie), next up Seddie(Sam and Freddie), These are the most deba…

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