Please choose a character to roleplay and comment the character's name in the comments. ALSO, please describe the character in three words so i know i can cast you or not.


  • Carly Shay:
  • Sam Puckett:
  • Freddie Benson:
  • Spencer Shay:
  • Gibby Gibson:
  • Guppy Gibson:
  • Charlotte Gibson:
  • Mrs. Benson:
  • Colonel Shay:
  • Mrs. Briggs:
  • Principal Franklin:
  • Wendy:
  • Cort:
  • Nevel Papperman:
  • Tori Vega:
  • Andre Harris:
  • Cat Valentine:
  • Trina Vega:
  • Robbie Shapiro:
  • Jade West:
  • Beck Oliver:
  • Erwin Sikowitz:
  • Shelby Marx:
  • Chuck Chambers:
  • Chip Chambers:
  • Mr. Chambers:
  • Sinjin Vancleef:
  • Rex Powers:
  • Brad:
  • Nora Durshlitt:
  • Melanie Puckett:
  • Pam Puckett:

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