• DenaliLover

    My Auto Biography

    November 14, 2011 by DenaliLover

    Okay so here's my auto biography. Not that anyone will bother reading it xD I'm just doing it for the fun of it :9

    Name- Volante

    Age- 12

    Birthday- 26 October

    Eye Color- Brown

    Hair Color- Black

    State- (I don't live in a state, but anyhoo..) Johannesburg

    Grade- 6th

    Favorite Colors- Purple, pink, gold, silver, blue, green

    Favorite Food- Pizza, lasagne, greek salad, chocolate and ice-cream

    Sports- I don't do sports but can I use swimming?

    Extracuricular Activities- Sketch, swim

    Favorite School Subject- Uh.. I guess I just like English 'cause the teacher's awesome but I have to choose Arts and Culture!

    Least Favorite School Subject- Maths, urgh.. NO WAIT! E.M.S., No wait... I can't choose xD but anyhoo I guess it'll be Economic Management Science (E.M.S.)


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  • DenaliLover

    Okay so this isn't really something and nothing fun really just something random and boring :P Anyways, so this is just to inform you that I've changed my name from "Teamcullen" to "DenaliLover". So you don't have to really comment if you dont want to this blog is just so that you know and don't think I'm a new user ;)

    Guess I'll see ya'll later!

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  • DenaliLover

    So I have this question that I would like to ask everyone: Which iCarly character are you most like? I think I'm mostly like Carly. And my best friend is also just like Sam, only thing we're missing is a Freddy lol. Hmm... :D So which character are you most like?

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  • DenaliLover

    I'm new here

    June 11, 2011 by DenaliLover

    Hi, uhm.... so I'm new to ICarly wiki. But it's not like I just signed up or anything, but I'm new to the wiki, so anyone wanna be friends?


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