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My Auto Biography

Okay so here's my auto biography. Not that anyone will bother reading it xD I'm just doing it for the fun of it :9

Name- Volante

Age- 12

Birthday- 26 October

Eye Color- Brown

Hair Color- Black

State- (I don't live in a state, but anyhoo..) Johannesburg

Grade- 6th

Favorite Colors- Purple, pink, gold, silver, blue, green

Favorite Food- Pizza, lasagne, greek salad, chocolate and ice-cream

Sports- I don't do sports but can I use swimming?

Extracuricular Activities- Sketch, swim

Favorite School Subject- Uh.. I guess I just like English 'cause the teacher's awesome but I have to choose Arts and Culture!

Least Favorite School Subject- Maths, urgh.. NO WAIT! E.M.S., No wait... I can't choose xD but anyhoo I guess it'll be Economic Management Science (E.M.S.)

Grades- Straight A! Though we don't get grades where I live lol but I am like the staright A student ;)

Music- Jazz, funk, pop, rock, bossonova, hip hop, house, pantsula (don't ask..) :P

One Interesting Fact- (This is not really interesting but..) I'm mixed as in multiracial.

Another Interesting fact- I'm not really interesting

Most Embarrasing moment- I can't think right now, sorry to upset you xD

Favorite TV Shows- Supernatural, iCarly, The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack

Favorite Movie- I've got too many!

Personality- I'm nice but I'm crazy and I'll get on your nerves once in a while

School Life- Boring but fun! I love my entire class because of the awesomeness they bring!

Things I hate- I don't know what I hate I'm too lazy to think now xD sorry to disappoint you! XD

Things I like- Twilight! (duh..) iCarly, Supernatural

Favourite Youtubers- I don't know.. xD

My Username- My username used to be Teamcullen, those of you that used to chat to me before I changed my username might know me but anyway then I changed it to DenaliLover. The Denalis are a vegetarian vampire coven in the Twilight series. Yep so I love 'em!

My favorite people on this Wikia- I don't know, I guess I like most of the admins :P Like Sophie and Mak and Alica (I don't even know them that well xD) So technically I don't know many people in this wikia so... yep it's been a real slice!

See ya'll later!

DenaliLoverI freaking love the Denalis! 13:22, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

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