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  • Destany70

    Seddie and Creddie Shippers dont get to caught in this stuff I know some episodes are coming up that almost everybody is excited about I am one of the people that is happy about it. It is Just iCarly fans are getting into this alot and I have also been seeing Seddie Shippers have Creddie Shippers a hard time I am not a big fan of the bulling. I mean Creddie Shippers are going through a tough time. Anyways like I mean people getting to caught into this stuff leads to internet bulling and iCarly fans are getting into trouble. For people who dont know me my name is Destany70 check out my profile to see more about me. Enjoy

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  • Destany70

    Hi by the way i'm a seddie shipper,

    Ok creddiers dont get to upset because maybe seddie wont happen I do want seddie to happen though.

    I'm just trying to make u guys feel better u know after seeing IOMG and the promo of iLost my mind.

    Anyways i'm so sorry for u guys i hope u guys dont feel all the way sad after u read my blog.

    I'm still a seddie shipper.

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