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aka Hihi

  • I live in Desu Land!
  • My occupation is Drawer of the iCarly Wikians
  • I am Female
  • Desu! Hihi


    January 10, 2012 by Desu! Hihi

    Okay. Here is a new wikiaaaaaaaaaa game. I like to call it, "REDRAW it" I will put a picture here. And you'll have to re-draw it! I'll answer... with a GIF. (Laters' idea stolen again LOL) Whoever wins. Gets to post the next pic for redraw it!. (But cannot participate after 10 people have gone) PLUS. TWO not one, BUT TWO (NOEFFINREALISTIC) Drawings! How wonderful is that?!? Okay. So Here we go.


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  • Desu! Hihi

    Just Drawing

    November 22, 2011 by Desu! Hihi

    Hey! ! How's it going?

    It's requesting time again~

    Okay! So I have this idea that I wanna draw everyone that I can an icon and or picture! BUT. (For icons) I wanna it to kinda stand out. I want it to be kinda like this...

    Not exactly the same pose just the black and white! And a single color as your username.

    As for the pictures. They could be anything. I tend to focus on the cartoonish side of town.... So stay in that area. c: So happy holidays! OH! And one more thing. '

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