Okay guys, Here's my attempt at making you guys laugh, before you watch all the hilarity that ensues in this very video. My Dan Schneider impression... Here goes, "Wanna see Nathan Kress not being Freddie. Check out Kress in Game of Your Life TOMORROW NIGHT on NBC. Here's what Jennette tweeted "Watch my great bud @NathanKress in "Game of Your Life" at 8pm/7c tomorrow night on NBC. See his quiff in action!"


I would be excited for this, buuut my cable went out today It's not getting NBC. Luckily my internet still worksd, but we use two different companies for TV cable/internet , so I may not be able to watch it Boo! But you guys really should watch it.. If you love video games, family movies, and seeing the actors not as their iCarly characters. Oh wait.. Those are all the things I love. I actually got my hubby to watch, if we get our cable back because he's a big video gamer.

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