As some of you may know SCherry08 announced her leave from Wiki and has mentioned she wanted her Wiki account deactivated. She has stated she feels negatively about herself, to which I can not comprehend why. She is well-liked by the users on this wiki, but continues to that negatively of herself. Although we've never met from her posts before the incident she seems like a nice person. However, she posting negative messages about self-harm and other negative messages. She has since removed most of those images and messages from her profile. I mentioned my concerns about this to her and all the other admins. It is neither safe nor healthy for her and other users to be viewing those types of suicidal messages. I do feel partially responsible for her absence, so if you want to blame someone. Blame me and vent about it.

I will say this again, even before I became an admin, it is the admins' job to keep you guys, safe, respectful, and the wiki pages clean

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