So here's the reason why I think there are all these changing story lines about relationship and love. The characters are growing up. Especially Sam she's gotten this girlier look. I don't the episodes will be all about about love or Seddie. As cheesy as it sounds it wouldn't be iCarly without Carly. iCarly is first and foremost a family comedy. Sam and Freddie have changed the most out of the three of them. Freddie, I think can no longer be called nerdy, just smart and tech savvy. Nathan's arms are buff, so I think the whole "nerdy" description is off the table. Sam's girlier and being nicer to Freddie and Jennette wants to incorporate her own style. I think that's because she's older, wants to dress more girly, still sassy Sam, not like Carly, and she wants to feel girly not weak, but attractive and feminine. The Seddie relationship as I've said they are two characters that have changed the most, so I've really been impressed with how they've grown. Dan and the wristers have done an awesome in developing their changing relationship, but sort of making them really grow and change as people. They've also grown in ways that they in future episodes they may want to see where things go. Carly, there playing mediator is purely funny to me and the whole story of that they want to test the waters. I think Sam and Freddie will still bicker, but their relationship is changing and they have matured quite a bit since Season 1

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