iCarly Mentions iCARLY: Wednesday, December 28th at 7:00pm – Remember iBloop? That was the first iCarly blooper episode (if you never saw it, you can download it by CLICKING HERE). Well, on Wednesday, December 28th you get to see the next iCarly blooper episode which is titled "iBloop 2: Electric Bloop-a-loo" (not many of the younger viewers will get the title reference, but hopefully a few of you will).
This new blooper episode of iCarly is just as weird as the Victorious blooper episode. The bloopers are hilarious, and the "talk show" format is one of the most insane things I've ever written/produced. For now, let's just say it's a very, very, very different way of doing a blooper episode. I think (hope) you'll love it and laugh your eyebrows off (they'll grow back).
iCARLY SPECIAL EVENT! "iStill Pyscho" – on NEW YEAR'S EVE! Yep, for the first time ever, there's all all new iCarly one-hour special on New Year's Eve (starting at 8:00pm). This is the "sequel" to iPsycho, one of the most popular iCarly specials of all time. If you haven't see the original iPsycho, you can download it by CLICKING HERE.
The original iPsycho had one of the best TV fight scenes EVER between Gibby and crazed iCarly fan, Nora Dershlit. Well, in iStill Psycho, the iCarly gang tangles with Nora again.
As much as I loved how the first iPsycho came out, I like this new one even more! The actress who plays Nora is brilliantly funny, and this time we add in a lot of T-Bo and Mrs. Benson, and even Spencer becomes a victim of Nora's wrath.
And yes, "Maurice the chicken" makes a trimphant return in this sequel. Oh… and there's a BIG reference to a first season iCarly episode, iFence. You just might get to see a Benson handle a sword again…. but I don't want to give too much away here. :)

I feel incredibily lucky because I love working on both iCarly and Victorious. I swear, the casts of these shows are made up of the most talented, nicest, coolest people you could ever meet: Matt Bennett ("Robbie"), Miranda Cosgrove ("Carly"), Liz Gillies ("Jade"), Ariana Grande ("Cat"), Avan Jogia ("Beck"), Victoria Justice ("Tori"), Nathan Kress ("Freddie"), Jennette McCurdy ("Sam"), Daniella Monet ("Trina"), Noah Munck ("Gibby"), Leon Thomas ("Andre"), and of course Jerry Trainor ("Spencer").

In 2012, I might be creating a brand new TV series for you. Yep. After All That… and Kenan & Kel… and The Amanda Show… and Drake & Josh… and What I Like About You… and Zoey 101… and iCarly… and Victorious… (whew!)… I'm thinking the time might be right to start filming a new TV show.

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