It's a TV Show. If you wanna be sad Be sad for a little bit fine. But remember this:

Dan said it best in a tweet You never know WHAT will happen in the future. If you did, life would be boring. The twists and turns keep it fun and exciting ;)

The good thing is they're still friends and we know they care about each other. Freddie said I love you first and Sam said it back. A funny part was they kissed and made it midnight. I wonder what they did in that elevator til midnight Has he ever actually said "I love you" to Carly No He said about her a few years ago. Never to her. Sam loves him too and they are still friends, so good for them. I have to give kudos Jennette and Nathan for performing such a dramatic scene for kids show. Overall, I thought it was funny, sweet, and and good for them right now. They didn't want force it, but we know they love each other.Tumblr ls1zplpgE61qesmejo1 500Tumblr ls1zplpgE61qesmejo4 500Tumblr ls1zplpgE61qesmejo3 r1 250Tumblr ls1zplpgE61qesmejo2 250

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