iCarly may be winding down production on its final season, but it’s turning up the star power at least one more time: Emma Stone (The Help, Easy A) will make a cameo appearance on the Nick comedy, EW has learned. In the episode, which airs later this year, Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) & co. try to find Spencer (Jerry Trainor) some adult friends, and along the way, they cross paths with a high-energy iCarly uberfan portrayed by Stone.

iCarly will end its five-season run in November, with the series finale being shot in June. Michelle Obama, One Direction, and Jim Parsons are some of the famous names that have recently graced the high school-set show, while upcoming guests include Jimmy Fallon and three guys from a certain pawn shop in Las Vegas.

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(Confirmed by Dan for 512-513 Had the BEST time with Emma Stone on the set of @iCarly yesterday! )

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