So I got this idea from @SeddieCherry I usually write fan fiction, but I've been having writer's block and I finally got this idea in the story called iSee You Again and no it's not that Miley Cyrus song. The basic plot of all my stories involve:

  • Sam and Freddie being married for about four to five years
  • It's 2021
  • Sam is either a dancer/singer chef/celebrity
  • Freddie's either a director/producer or President of Pear
  • They have two kids usually an older boy age 4 and a girl age 2
  • They haven't kept in touch with Carly

In this particular story Sam's an executive chef and new owner of Petrosini's and Freddie runs the Pear Seattle Division. They have two friends and they see Carly. Carly comes home after 10 years of backpacking and living in Europe with Wendy

Think of a girl and a guy. They can be married they don't have to be married. One is more friends with Sam and one is more friends with Freddie. Though they all like each other. Describe/Name them, how they look, act, what they do for a living speak, personality if they have pets and/ or kids. Have fun with it! Smile

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