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Favorite Couples + My Day

So Seddie fans what other ships/pairings do you like on TV and in real life?


  • Seddie as more than friends
  • Speddie (Spencer, Sam and Freddie)
  • Spam in a sibling sense
  • Fencer (Freddie and Spencer) they act bros
  • Fribby (Freddie and Gibby) because Freddie needs some time with his buds
  • Spasha (Spencer & Sasha)

On Set/Other Shows/Real Life

  • Jathan
  • Nicknessa (Nick Lachey + Vanessa Minnillo she's a TV Host/actress/model & he's an actor/producer/singer)
  • Brangelina
  • Derry (Dan + Jerry) so funny!
  • TIVA (Tony + Ziva on NCIS

Other shows well, my niece likes Cory & Topanga from Boy Meets, Channy from Sonny With A Chance, Cailey from Suite Life on Deck and Nacy from Jonas LA

Busy day with my daughter and hubby in the recording studio

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