So some of you may not know me. I'm the girl, who posts countless of Seddie, Jathan, Nadisen, Nathan, Jennette photos and ect and blather on about them. Huge Jathan and Seddie fan like you guys didn't know that hehe! I hate long goodbyes so hear it is I have to leave Wiki temporarily from November 5th-November 8th

I've explained this already on Twitter and Facebook, so now here's my little spiel. I'm current 8 almost 9 months pregnant with my second daughter Mackenzie Charlotte, who was originally due November 24th, but yesterday...

I got phone call from my doctor. I guess "Any Day Now" means November 5th. My doctor went over my last blood tests, sonograms, and ultrasounds, which have lead her to conclude that my second daughter is growing rapidly and being a petite 5'4" woman and only having gained 26 lbs throughout my pregnancy this far. There's only so much my little body can take, so for the baby's health and mine. My doctor will have to induce labor 19 days ahead of my due date.

So I will be back home from the hospital on November 8th. If you guys have any problems. Just remember my do's and does on Wiki posted here --->

Hope you guys keep me posted on new iCarly episodes, videos, Seddie/Jathan stuff. If there is anything please leave a message on my talk page.

Personal Goodbyes: @SunriseDaisy Bye! Thanks for reading all my blogs.
@SamLovesHam Bye Val You're awesome, but I think you need to change your avatar.
@Yanks Bye! You're an awesome contributor. Hope you find/post awesome Seddie/Jathan pics.
@MLEP Bye! Keeping it simple
@Mak, @EricTheGrape, @Alica, @TenCents Awesome admins keep up the good work. I didn't forget you this time dimey. You're not chopped ham!
@Sophie Sending you healthy vibes. Feel better! Smile wide

The reason I'm posting this now 'cause I hate long goodbyes and just as a heads-up.

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