Via Their official Facebook page

"Here's an update on the Jennette McCurdy CD: it will be available in select Justice stores (not online); however, it has not arrived yet. Please call your local store first to be sure they have it. And listen to a track online at "

That song is "Generation Love", which we've already heard. And I do need to point out that Jennette's partnership with Justice is janky because Justice stores are selling a CD of seven tracks from her album. Not the full album, which Jennette has said will be released in February.

UPDATES: Jennette tweeted here and here So my album has been SHIPPED to Justice stores! It'll get to some regions later than others, but should be in EVERY JUSTICE STORE by the... ... end of this week! I would hand-deliver these albums to you guys if it would make the process any quicker. trust me. hope you enjoy it!

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