It has been confirmed on Miranda's twitter that will sing her song "Shakespeare" on the episode of iDo It has been confirmed by Dan that Jennette will sing on the Victorious-iCarly crossover special iParty With Victorious but do you guys think Jennette McCurdy will sing in an episode before that doing more country songs than Pop because in the episode where Jennette does sing it is rumored to be more Pop than Country. I see her video more on CMT than I do on Nickelodeon of course the only times I watch Nickelodeon are watching iCarly and the new cartoon Tuff Puppy with my daughter. I think for now she just likes bright colors. I also think it is not as fair for Jennette that Miranda's work and songs get played more than Jennette's songs. Sorry for long rant.
DevonAndersen 23:39, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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