At least that's what I definitely think' ' it is by the video and photos

My Reasons

  1. He walks up to with this passionate look in his eyes (well passionate because I couldn't think of a better, but he definitely has a look with some intention of either giving her a hug or most likely a kiss)
  2. Before that she looks angry, so a kiss would get her to stop yelling at him and show his feelings for her
  3. Freddie helps break Sam out of the mental hospital and just a hug in my opinion, would be anti-climactic
  4. Freddie grabs her waist
  5. Sam looks like she grabs his shoulders and his arms she does in most of their kisses with the exception of their first kiss in iKiss
  6. Their lips pucker
  7. Jennette said she had to kiss Nathan a lot

This a bit of a contradiction, but I kinda think it could be a kiss and a hug

Photo Gallery




I know we all hate the wait. Luckily it's only seven days away

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