I over-analyze things a lot and I should have posted this last week, but here goes.

Not trying to start a ship-war, but I will include my opinion as to why Carly looked that way in the window.

Love the Botswana improv and "It feels like Sam" moment

Sam's acting different, if you're a Seddie fan you maybe thought she was being nice to impress Freddie. Maybe that's part of it. But I also think Sam's growing up and wants to show people her nice side. My all time favorite scene besides the kiss is when Sam brings Freddie's camera, cables and hard drive. I was like "Aww she knows how to handle his equipment and he trusts her with.

Sam wanted to help Brad and Freddie because she seems sort of into technology for different purposes than Freddie, and she did say the MoodFace app sounded interesting

Even my hubby laughed at the way Nathan delivered his lines "What did you put in the Guac?" You've been nice and considerate ALL Day" and "Yeah, you have" when I got him to watch it with. He laughs a lot at scenes with Spencer in in it

And Gibby's line "It wears the blindfold if it wants to be fed" totally made me laugh and laugh.

Why Sam wants to hang with Freddie and Brad like she went to the movies with them. I think she really does want to hang with Freddie and spend time with him sans Carly 'cause they're friends too. I think she needed to have Brad there with there so it doesn't seem like a date. It's also 'cause she loves him because she's more of a tomboy and doesn't know how to express plus she's more comfortable with the guys.

The kiss was the best 11.9 seconds of the show. I love how she just shut him by kissing him and that finally shows her true feelings of love for him. He was shocked, but I honestly think he kissed back. The whole awkwardness was kinda cute to me because Sam surprised Freddie and herself

Carly's expression was not really jealously in my opinion because she admitted she doesn't love Freddie. She seemed more shocked thinking "Oh my two best friends are making out and didn't tell me again" or "Why didn't Sam tell me she loved Freddie, we're supposed to be best friends." and just surprised like "what's going to happen next are all our friendships going to change?"

Sorry for long ranting review. I realized I would've posted this last week, but I just found my notes for it. Comment if you want and no bashing please. Seddie ftw.

Enjoy the random Seddie pics for iOMG and the New Bernie video on

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