I laughed so hard at each actors' bloopers, This is kind of embarrassing, but when I laugh a lot. I tend to blush bright red. My husband and my kids thought I was going nuts haha! Smile. Everytime my husband was like "Baby, are you alright or do I need to check you into Troubled Waters." (That's a reference he uses a lot' because it's the only one he remembers and he watched iLost My Mind with me. Still so proud he can even make and iCarly reference.)
So, on with my review

My favorite bloopers were Jerry's, Jennette, and Nathan's bloopers. Those were hilarious.

Favorite Bloopers

  • All of Jerry's bloopers (because let's face it. Jerry can read the dictionary and probably make that sound hilarious.)
  • I'm surprised NICK let it air when Jerry almost said, "Son of a B____" and Miranda said crap instead of "crepe"

That's effing funny. (Some of you were asking "Are you okay?" when I said that I do swear [but censor it] when I'm annoyed or frustrated like on chat, when there's a million conversations going on at once and I couldn't get a word in edgewise to link the promo). It makes me feel crazy like when Carly is confined in small spaces. And that no one talks about iCarly on chat majority of the time. It's why I don't go on chat or stick to PM's. Anyway, went off-topic. I digress)

  • Any of the Jathan (Nathan/Jennette) bloopers. Obviously, if you looked at my profile. You know I'm bias toward that
    • The kiss on the cheek in ILove You and they burst out laughing.
    • In IDate Sam & Freddie when Jennette stuffs her mouth full of lasagna and Nathan's all "What was that?"
    • When Jennette drops the quesadillas on the floor and Nathan just stands there holding the door in ILost My Mind.
    • Nathan tosses her the remote in iQ and it took her a little while to catch it
    • In iBalls when Nathan laughs at Jennette's spit take
  • Nathan's yawning montage (though I wish he would cover his mouth) and his gibberish.
  • Jennette's litlle ditty "My mustache is dangling on my face" in IStill Psycho LOL
  • Jennette randomly dropping stuff
  • Miranda mispronouncing stuff like "stepid" and crap.


  • Even though I knew they would do this, showing bloopers from unaired episodes, IStill Psycho, IBalls, IMeet The First Lady and IToe Fat Cakes
  • The running gag about Victorious' emmy nod, salsa, and his accent.
  • Less Rex more bloopers
  • Rex hitting on Noah and his obsession with Gibby (He's a puppet. That's why I think it's weird)
  • No T-Bo bloopers poor Boog!e

I know it's kind of short, but if you actually read it. Tell me and please comment!

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