Scene 1

[Carly and Freddie enter the Shay loft seeing Spencer in a fisher man and the beginning of the fake grass and lawn mower for one of clients]
[As they walk in] Freddie: Dandelions are weeds
Carly: They are not! [sees the fake grass and lawn mower] Wha-Why? What did you do to our living room? Clean up this right now!
Spencer: I don't wanna I'm sculptoring! ..Hey where's Sam?
Freddie: Detention
Carly: Yuh huh She put a pincer crab in Mr. Howard's desk
Spencer: How she'd get a crab in-
Carly and Freddie: Backpack
Spencer: So when's the big date Freddo?
Carly: Wa-wa-wait You still haven't asked her out yet? You guys need to go out
Freddie: I don't wanna rush things
Carly: Ask her out already, dude
Freddie: Alright Alright I will
Carly: Good boy
Opening credits appear
If you guys don't remember from the run-through video Jennette said she wasn't in the first scene

Scene 2

Sam: Hey yo I'll be at the fridge
Freddie: You snuck out?
Sam: No, Benson I'm a figment of your imagination I'm not really here
Carly: Sam don't be mean Apologize or you know you could just do that [as she sees them make out in her kitchen] Aww
[Sam and Freddie be all lovey-dovey and OOC and eskimo kiss like we saw in the promo]
Carly: gurgles and spits out her root beer Spencer what's in this root beer
Spencer: Oh that's not root beer
Carly: Well then wha-
Freddie Eww
Sam: Nasty So iCarly rehearsal tomorrow? [Carly nods]
Freddie: We'll be there

Scene 3 (The Next Day)

Gibby: Gibbeh! so we're doing the Dr. Lobster bit?
Carly: Uh huh 2 minutes after Sam and I do the Sunshine girl bit where we fish for pillows
[Meanwhile: Sam and Freddie lose all track of time at the Groovy Smoothie] Sam: What'chu wanna know? [in a silly voice]
Freddie: [sips his smoothie and laughs] How long have you-?
T-Bo: You wanna buy a waffle on a stick?
Sam: No
They eventually like talk about those feelings He asks her out. They go home, kiss in Carly's living room and then they ask her to on the date at Petrosini's
Carly: [annoyed] I'm gonna kill Sam and Freddie!
Gibby: Why?
Carly: For making me go on their date with them and they're late again

Scene 4 (web show)

[They do Dr. Lobster, Random dancing the Sunshine girl bit, where they fish, ect.]

Scene 5

[Carly convinces Sam to wear something nice. They go through a bunch stuff and eventually pick out a purple dress, and some other stuff of Carly's after Sam's done gnawing on a piece of jerky off a fishing rod] (Little Cam moment getting Sam ready for Freddie)
Carly: One last touch..
Sam: Strawberry-coconut lip glass
Sam eating jerky is in the opening credits
Carly: Gimmee that! [taking jerky from Sam]
Sam: Eh what are you my mom
Carly: Wait we forgot to forgot to fix your hair [brushes Sam's hair]
Sam: Ow ugh! easy with that brush Carls How do I look
Carly: Freddie better be ready for ya Sam

Scene 6

[Freddie runs in the loft suspecting his mom knows something. They think nothing of it until after the date]

Scene 7 (Date)

[Carly helps Sam get ready. She's at the top of the stairs]
Freddie: [He looks like in awe of her] Woah
Sam: Earth to Fredward How do I look? Is it too much?
Freddie: No you look.. hot
Sam: [laughs] Thanks, not so bad yourself there Benson
Carly: You're welcome
Spencer: Alright how 'bout some pics you two lovebirds
[They take some photos] You guys have fun!

Scene 8 (At the restaurant)

[Freddie borrows a friend's car. They drive to Petrosini's. Carly's in the backseat while Gibby hides in the trunk. They get a table for the two of 'em and one way far off for Carly. They order lasagna]
Sam and Freddie: Oh! [as they eat their lasagna]
Carly: So I'm just supposed to sit here and wait for you guys to have a fight so I can settle it
Sam: Pretty much
Freddie: We'd really appreciate that
[Much later] Sam: I gotta take a whaz
Freddie: Too much info Puckett
Carly: [sits down where Sam, was and annoyed throws bits of her food with a fork]
The Carly scene is the opener [Unknowingly to them Gibby being sneaky takes some pics to help Mrs. Benson because she bribed him]

Scene 9

[Sam and Freddie get in a little fight. Carly convinces 'em to talk to each other. They make up]

Scene 10

[In the Bushwell plaza elevator where it's stopped and all dark]
Gibby: Your son Freddie... [as he shows her pictures of Sam and Freddie kissing, hugging, on a date]
Mrs. Benson: [gasps]
Gibby: dating Sam
Mrs. Benson: [Shrieks while holding a flashlight up to herself] This can not be happening

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