Here's my iLMM prep

Every morning my 11-month daughter tends to wake up me and her daddy at the usual 6AM or 7AM like clockwork, so Andersen indoor camping day 4 I make dinner ahead of time and today for my iLMM prep I made Tortelli pasta in a pesto sauce and meatballs for dinner (Who loves meatballs Sam does!) Got out of my pajamas and put on a purple and whitle maternity blouse over-top some blue jeans, little red ballet flats (Seddie colors). My hubby Zack does not want me wearing heels at 6 months pregnant. All set-to-watch iLMM with my man Zack who's on popcorn duty and baby duty. He does actually like watching iCarly with me now. I've said numerous times He loves Spencer's and Gibby's lines and Sheldon cracks him up on BBT, so he's kinda excited to see Jim Parsons on the show.

Also listened to "Call Me" "Running Away", read Dan's Funfacts and I made cupcakes with purple, red, and blue frosting for dessert. It's chocolate (my hubby's fave) and red velvet (I love it!)

If this blog didn't bore you to death or put you to death. What was your day like today the day iLMM

Side Note: I'm on the west coast and have to wait awhile to see iLMM West coast fans will just have to endure. It's gonna be a good one

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