Favorite Scenes Overall

  • Birthday party set-up (love the exploding cake haha!)
  • Spencer and Carly talking and she thinks they're going to have "the talk".
  • Carly and Spencer hug
  • iBirthday Party web cast, where Spencer kept randomly yelling "I'm a lawyer!"
  • Another part in the iBirthday Party web cast, where Carly was "Ah he called me snug bug that what he calls me!" and where she was talking about how proud she was of him. (I'm a Daddy's girl, so I can relate and I have family in the military. Literally made say, "Aww Carly")
  • Sam's voice when the Secret Service catches "Funeral's Thursday (ahaha ha)
  • Michelle Obama scenes, (I mean... ok is she an actress? No! But she gave a fairly good performance in my opinion)
  • That little like 5-second appearance from Mr. Dan Schneider himself. (I was probably more excited for that than the First Lady. If any of you didn't know, he doesn't just create and produce TV shows, He was also an actor a while back in a show called "Head of the Class". I wish he had more than 2 lines.)

Favorite Seddie Scenes

Note In my last review someone pointed out that there's a lot of moments from other ships besides Seddie (Not exact words. Paraphrased). For the record, I watch the show for the comedy first an foremost. Though, I do respect all ships Sparly, Creddie, Seddie whatever ect. That's not what iCarly is about, I prefer to think of not as a kids' show, but a good family comedy or sitcom. I never watch for the shipping. But as I watch I do tend to notice little things for all shippings. I just point the Seddie stuff because I'm a Seddie fan, so I'm bias toward that.

  • The scene where the run out and Spencer calls them weenies and they come back in. Freddie's all "Hey" Sam goes, "Did you just call us weenies and Spencer's like "Yeah" and They're both fine with it and they leave together
  • The scenes when they're talking to Michelle Obama.

Photo Gallery

Episode Commentary and Criticism

  • Overall This episode was awesome, heartfelt, and so funny! It kind of reminded back to the way it was in Season 2. I do love the newer story lines, where in Season 1 it was focused on we case and what we're calling Season 5 is focused on the lives of the character
  • Michelle's performance, pretty funny. I especially like where she said "Let the governor wait. Let's go do iCarly!"
  • Dan's little cameo epic!
  • My Rating 8.5/10. The episode felt rushed. I wish it would have Carly and Spencer's dad (I swear I want Steven Shay to be played by Dan himself or George Clooney. I mean if they can get the first lady, they can get George.)

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