I planned to do this a little later in the month, but after over 3 years it's finally time for me to say, not goodbye, but see ya later. I could handle this these past few months after I took a semester off for certain family reasons. Now I'm starting another semester of college & my oldest daughter is gonna be starting preschool. On top of my work, time with my hubby, and taking care of other daughter. It's gonna be too hectic to make time for wiki.

Unfortunately since the show ended this wiki's activity has declined to almost nothing at all. And that's to be expected once a show ends. That's why I think now is the best time to leave

To the friends I've made here:
First off @Godlovesusall It's up to you to keep spammers & trolls off this wiki. If anything major happens like the massive vandalize where somebody was putting all sorts of inappropriate chiz & changing the title. Block them indefinitely, revert all the edits & rename the page. Thx for taking on this responsibility & being so polite & sweet

@DeeMoShow Thx for helping keep trolls/vandals off this wiki

@SamlovesHam Val I know we haven't talked in forever but when we did I always enjoyed talking life & Seddie w/ you

@CC7 My "Friends" loving friend Thanks for all the help when I could figure out how to fix something I love talking about Friends. Oh by the way Matthew Perry & Lisa Kudrow will or have been on an NBC game show together

@SunriseDaisy Daisy, what would I do w/o you girl. Thx for the all the help literally everyday & helping me keep this wiki active. I love talking about everything Seddie/life wise Best of luck in high school

& to all the other friends that have been inactive like @OMGitsme it's been a blast fangirling with you over the past few years

Yes, I'll try to come back during breaks. If anyone's actually reading this remember it's not goodbye, but see ya later

Sincerely, DevonAndersen

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