Nathan and Jennette are co-hosting the Australian Kids' Choice Awards as tweeted by Nickelodeon Australia "We’re EXCITED to announce that @jennettemccurdy and @NathanKress from @iCarly will co-host this year’s Aussie Kids’ Choice Awards!!! #KCA RT"

Nathan and Jennette spoke about spoke about hosting the Aussie Kids' Choice Awards in this inteview

Jennette said, “I’m super-excited to be going to Australia for the first time to co-host the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards,My other cast members have experienced Australia and they say it’s amazing! I’m so excited it’s my turn and that I’m in the running to win the LOL Award! I also heard that Aussies go nuts with slime, so I hope I get to unleash some onto the kids of Australia’

Nathan added, Jennette and I can’t wait to get there, it’s gonna be a blast and we’re looking forward to meeting the Aussie fans on the Orange Carpet. Hopefully iCarly will win Fave TV Show too…but not sure if we stand a chance against Home and Away!”

Nathan just tweeted about "It's true, @jennettemccurdy and I will be co-hosting the Aussie Kid's Choice Awards this year!! Can't wait to meet some Australian fans! :)"

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