While i was online with my hubby video chatting with my sister & my brother-in-law on UStream I noticed Nathan was on UStream. He talks about Jennette a lot during his live UStream. I posted all the comments Nathan said about Jennette so far Jennette and Nathan are not dating, but are really good friends

Here's his comments I posted in the Jathan section

  • In a live Ustream on his Ustream Nathan commented on a fan's question that he and Jennette are best friends. He calls Jennette his best friend They have dressing rooms next to each other. They enjoy going places together off-set like Disneyland and both their families interact a lot together off-set
  • Nathan added on his Ustream that Jennette who plays Sam doesn't really hurt him on-set and in fact she is a really nice person
  • Nathan also did say in his Ustream that he did see Jennette's music video and that it was fantastic and well put together and that he loves that song "Not That Far Away" because he knows how much she loves her mom and that her mom is really cool
  • In Nathan's Ustream Nathan said that Jennette is a big fan of Michael J. Fox and the Back to the Future Franchise
  • Nathan said Jennette was really nervous about turning 18 and he is also nervous about that, but he knows nothing can stop that
  • Nathan mention Jennette plays Bertha in the Fred movie and he didn't expect Jennette to look like that as Bertha
  • Nathan in his Ustream said it would be a travesty to do the Fast Food free style rap. They added lines including the line in Italian she spoke on ICarly

Jennette is sort of Sam-ish way often calls Nathan Biger Dunday, buttface, & homke skillet, but most often Bilger Dunday (Nathan commented on that in a live Ustream)

And some fans have been asking me if I would name my daughter Jennette on what I call my Mommy blog and my other blogs My husband Zack and I are naming our daughter Sophia Amber. I'm actually gonna deliver my daughter on the September 16th. I am pro blogger and graphic designer and I love updating fans on things we both llike. For example ICarly yes I maybe a mom but ICarly is family entertaintment and I like reading up on my magazines, celebrity gossip, and current events on the news So proud of my man Zack who's a musician and writer for his rock band Verse 4 and he writes stories . He got his 20th gig so far. Sorry if the little tidbits on my life bore you Anyway I hope you enjoy to see more Seddie in Season 4 and more Jathan stuff online. Hope you liked checking out my blog. DevonAndersen 01:45, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

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