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New iCarly Soundtrack and More!

UPDATE: updated the track list for the iSoundtrack II
515KYF5L4-L. SS500

1. Dancing Crazy - Miranda Cosgrove

2. Million Dollars - Miranda Cosgrove

3. Coming Home - iCarly Cast

4. Generation Love - Jennette McCurdy

5. Dynamite (Radio Edit) - Taio Cruz

6. All Kinds Of Wrong - Miranda Cosgrove

7. That’s Not My Name - The Ting Tings

8. Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

9. Blow - Ke$ha

10. Shakespeare (Acoustic Mix) - Miranda Cosgrove

11. I Will Be - Leona Lewis

12. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids

13. Leave It All To Me (Billboard Remix) - Miranda Cosgrove featuring Drake Bell

Thought you guys might be slightly interested, so I'm creating this blog right before I have to go feed my daughter and listening to Nickelback.Lame ad-sounding title, but cool stuff coming to the iCarly's brand. The new iCarly 2 soundtrack, which Miranda tweeted about and Noah tweeted about and Nathan tweeted about it as well. There's a new Baby Spencer iTunes App (for Smartphones)

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