As I posted on her page in trivia, Jennette's album debuts January 24th the partnering exclusively with "Justice" and it only features seven songs. The full album will be released on iTunes and other stores the following month in the first week of February. You can find the nearest Justice Store here --> [1][2][3]


  1. Jennette McCurdy interview with Jessica Norton
  2. Jennette gives album details to M Magazine
  3. Jennette's Justice album release date NOT the full album, only seven songs sold exclusively at Justice. Full album set to be released first week of February


  • To be clear in case you guys don't look at references, 7 song track list available at Justice, you guys can find the nearest one to you in the link above
  • Full album release first week in February
  • And the second iCarly soundtrack iSoundtrack II also comes out January 24th, if you want to pick that up as well.

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