If you've read my previous blogs, you know is co-starring in the upcoming NICK movie "Swindle" with Jennette. Well he's also co-starring in another upcoming NICK movie "Nicky Deuce" with Degrassi's Christine Prosperi (if you follow her on Twitter, she's tweeted a bunch of photos of Noah & herself)

(Via FanLala:

Noah Munck is a must have Nickelodeon star. We loved him in ‘iCarly,’ and we can’t wait for Gibby to get his own show. But what is Noah working on in the meantime?

How about two Nick movies? Yeah, that sounds good.

The first of two is called ‘Nicky Deuce.’ Starring in the title role, Noah starts of as the plain Nicholas Borelli II. Sheltered from the world, Nicholas will be spending the summer with the uncle he never knew he had. Join Nicholas as he springs into an adventure unlike any he’s ever been on before!

Also debuting on Nickelodeon is ‘Swindle.’ A nefarious plotter cons Griffin out of a $1 million baseball card that could have been sold to save his friend’s home. Griffin must unite his classmates in order to retrieve the card and bring the thief to justice. ‘Swindle’ will also be starring Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande alongside Noah. A preview of things to come for ‘Sam & Cat?’ We can definitely dig on that!

Both of these upcoming movies sound great, and we know that Noah will be adding his own style of humor to each of them. ‘Nicky Deuce’ or ‘Swindle,’ which one are you more excited for?

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