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Possible iCarly Episodes Without Carly?!?!?!

At first I thought Nathan, Jennette, Jerry and Noah were just filming web segments for, but these tweets make me wonder because Miranda's tweeting about her shows, concerts, photo shoots in New York

"Back on set! We're going to a new place---it's gonna be an epic episode ;)"

"We went to a super-secret taping of a future @iCarly episode today — we laughed nonstop! @JennetteMcCurdy and @NathanKress were hilarious!"

"Starting our last official runthrough of the season!! No worries though, more iCarly's coming soon :)"

Run-through is going awesomely!!

As much as I love Seddie moments and Spencer's funny moments. It's not iSpencer or iSam and Freddie. It's iCarly. What do you guys think?

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