If you want I like to get to know people you can comment if you feel ok w/it and say random facts about youself like you favorite color, ship, character on iCarly or any of Dan's other shows, favorite show besides iCarly, favorite celebrity, favorite guest star on iCarly ect. I'll start, but what don't you guys know about me. LOL

  • My name's Devon, but most people call me Dev or D
  • I'll be 19 years old in like 5 months which means yes if you do the math I had my daughter when I was 18 a couple months ago (not something i advise kids)
  • My husband Zack will be 20 years old we got married last year November 4th He was 19 I was 18. Again not something I'd advise kids, we've been romantically involved for about 5 years now.
  • I have a beautiful daughter, Sophia Amber, who's just over a month old I know I'm bias
  • If Stuff about my personal life bored you, I apologize
  • love Purple,
  • Favorite top 3 sports Football, Baseball and Basketball
  • Favorite NICK/Dan Show is obviously iCarly
  • Favorite iCarly Guest Star T-Bo
  • Favorite Jennette MccCurdy song Break Your Heart Me With You
  • Favorite Boyband: 98*
  • Favorite ship Seddie/Jathan
  • Favorite TV Host Vanessa Minnillo
  • Favorite iCarly Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, & Jerry Trainor
  • Favorite country, pop, & rock singers Jennette McCurdy, Nick Lachey, & Evanescence

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