• My birthday is..

September 4th March 28th June 9th

  • How old am I

19 16 15

  • What couple do I ship

Seddie Sparly Cam

  • My husband's name is..

Spencer John Zack

  • My 9 month old daughter's name is..

Carly Sophia Samantha

  • My Favorite iCarly characters are..

Sam Freddie Spencer All the above

  • I am how tall?

Same height as my hubby 6 ft 1 5 ft 4 4 ft 9

  • My favorite color is..

Blue Red Purple

  • I am having another baby this November

True False

  • My favorite iCarly episode so far is..

iKiss iOMG iGet Pranky

  • My hair and eye color

Brown hair brown eyes Brown hair blue eyes (like my daughter) Blonde hair Blue eyes

  • My favorite Seddie line is in..

iKiss iOMG Can't Decide

  • I am a(n)...

Artist Writer Blogger/Graphic Designer

  • How excited am I to move to my hubby's hometown of Seattle (June 18th)

Ehh Very Somewhat

  • My Second Favorite Ship

Spam (brother/sister sorta way) Fencer Gencer Three way tie

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