EDIT:Also, had to change the times I'm on wiki because my husband starts his Senior Year of college on the 9th, so I have less help then I normally would with the kids. Luckily, Sophia's in daycare. She likes being with kids her age and I got help from my mom-in-law, but still...

Just so you guys know. Also messaged this to Mak and Ali.
Scott aka SeddieMania retweeted this on Twitter as did I.


Congrats to the winners of the BOP Acting Polls! @jennettemccurdy @NathanKress @selenagomez @TomFelton

So, if you have a Twitter Tweet a congrats to Nathan and Jennette because they encouraged their fans to vote for them on their twitters and her facebook.

I've said a million times in the past week alone. I detest going on chat because of the drama (not the people. I love all my iCarly wiki peeps [for lack of of a better word], the lack of iCarly discussion, and at times people have a diarrhea of the mouth and getting into fights on chat. And conversations go a mile a minute. It irks me so much. I used to only stick to PM's, but now I'm done with chat. The only time I will go on chat is a) Someone thinks something sketchy is going on and b) Any admin issues like monitoring chat, discussing things w/ other admins. If you have a problem or want to talk to me. From now on just use my talk page. Like it says in my profile on my talk Please start a new section and leave your signature. Smile

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