Okay so I know this blog seems way late and if you haven't seen the iLMM promo Spoiler Sam and Freddie go on a date and kiss twice Here's the promo, so if you really haven't seen which you should.


I made this blog again to lighten the ship warring mood

My scene by scene reaction was "Hmm Okay continuation to iOMG" Next scene "Well at least Freddie wants to talk about the kiss" "Ugh August and why is Gibby telling Mrs. Benson. Also what are they eating I'm kind of hungry now" Mrs. Benson's shriek made me LOL. Then the kiss reaction went like this I screamed in excitement like so loud. My baby kicked. Off topic even though I'm not supposed to find out the gender 'til July I just know in my gut she's a girl, Mackenzie Charlotte Andersen due November 24th joining her older sister Sophia Amber. Anyway back to my reaction so my husband Zack actually came in with a baseball bat (is that every guy's weapon of choice lol xD) asking Baby what's wrong... Then he was all Ohhh it's an iCarly thing. Off topic again I actually get him to sit and watch iCarly with me sometimes. He's a Spencer fan and I bet wishes Spencer was his brother. Next when Carly blurts out "Sam loves Freddie" I was thinking "Ooh Sam told Carly and about Carly Well thank you Catherine Obvious" If you watch Dan's other show Victorious you'd get that joke Then I went Oh!! they kissed again Zack was all playfully sarcastic Thanks for screaming in my ear D. I recorded all this, but for some reason won't upload to Youtube

Moving on, so tell me your reactions guys and if you actually read this comment and I apologize for the long rantiness (yes I know that's not a word) of this blog and going off topic a a few times, but I'm a little ADD

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