So staring after Carly's line "Actually we're gonna do something else first" Sam a little curious as to what Carly's plan is Then Carly So you fans of iCarly that wanna see Sam and Freddie get together" Then she she shushes Freddie after He says "Carly I don't--

I think Carly's motives behind the whole video chat with fans is trying to say is A) See how the fans think how you liking Freddie is ok like almost saying "You know it's okay to have these feelings for him. It's normal" Carly's being the supportive best friend to Sam (little Cam Friendship moment) She's trying to tell Sam "You're not crazy you're just crazy in love it's okay"

Then it's comedic with the two Seddie fans on video chat.

The next part where Freddie interrupts Sam is like "Wa-Wa-Wait let's take more check"

Of course Sam doesn't want to because she's kind of embarrassed that her feelings are now known to the iCarly viewers But Freddie insists

Freddie starts saying "You talked and you told how you feel while you ate a quesadilla"

When Carly shushes Sam after she says "The quesadillas here are amazing" In reading between the lines "Shh let him talk and listen to what he has to say" Little Creseddie moment which is important because to me that shows she supports her friends

Later Freddie goes "How Sam feels is important" (He cares about about her feelings), "But how I feel's important" like he's saying "My opinion matters in this too"

This is the first part of his way of telling her how he feels. Again of course Sam assumes he'll get back at her. That's the way they were

But instead he kisses her just to get her to stop ranting and show her how he really feels.

His actions speak louder than his words he's not settling for Sam because he likes her back and that's shown by the kiss and also by his line to her shock that "You mean that?" Freddie answers "Mm hmm so I guess we're both insane" while romantic To me, he's saying "I've been having these same feelings I like you too"

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