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Recent iCarly Run-Thru Details + Seddie Pic

t's run-through day on the "iCarly" sound stage and the cast members of Nickelodeon's hit series are moving methodically from one scene to the next as they rehearse an episode – Carly falls for a super-smart cute boy, Freddie persuades his mom to rent a room to a friend, Spencer tries to crack a safe – that they'll shoot over the next few days.

Everything runs smoothly as a small group of spectators shuffles after the cast as everyone travels from one colorful set to the next, from Groovy Smoothie to Carly's apartment to a movie theater and Freddie's very tidy home.


Side Note: Cute outfit Sam (if that's a show costume) has on. Possible Double date with Carly and her new BF? Sam Possibly dressing different because of Freddie her maybe boyfriend.

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